School of Architecture, CUHK
ZHU, Haohao

Prof. ZHU, Haohao (朱昊昊)

Adjunct Assistant Professor

MArch (Harvard)
MArch (SEU)
BArch (SEU)

Rm. 205, AIT Building, CUHK

3943 6519


Zhu Haohao is the Adjunct Assistant Professor of the School of Architecture in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and he is also a founding member of Embodied-Architectural Atelier, focusing on architectural and urban design in Suzhou, China.

Zhu received his Bachelor and Master Degrees in Architecture from Southeast University (SEU) in Nanjing, and earned another Master Degree from Harvard GSD with the Faculty Design Award for excellence in design studio sequence. After graduation, he joined Office for Metropolitan Architecture and collaborated with Rem Koolhaas from 2010 to 2013 in the Netherlands, where he worked as the registered architect in Stichten Bureau Architectenregister. Since 2014, he has taught in SEU as a guest lecturer and co-founded Embodied-Architectural Atelier based in Suzhou. Currently he services in the School of Architecture CUHK as the Adjunct Assistant Professor and focuses his research on architecture’s relationship with the metropolis.

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Research Interests

Architectural and Urban Design


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