School of Architecture, CUHK

Prof. FERRETTO, Peter

Associate Professor

BA (Hons) DipArch (Cantab)

Rm. 405, AIT Building, CUHK

3943 6560


Peter W. Ferretto was born in Manchester in 1972. He graduated from both Cambridge and Liverpool Universities. He worked as a registered Architect (ARB) for several international architectural practices, including Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, before establishing his own firm, PWFERRETTO in 2009 (Seoul). He started his academic career as a Unit Master at the Architectural Association in London where he also directed the Seoul Visiting School. In 2009 he was appointed Assistant Professor of Architecture at Seoul National University in Korea and since 2014 has taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as an Associate Professor of Design and Practice. Ferretto’s main research focus is the relationship between architectural design and the city. He has written many essays on architecture and the city, and is also the author of several books such as Place/Seoul (2015) and Architectural Notes (2014). In 2016 he was awarded the General Research Fund (GRF) by the Research Grants Council of HK for a project entitled “Urban Pauses: Reclaiming Hong Kong’s Residual Urban Spaces”.

Director for the Masters of Architecture programme
Masters Design Studio Agenda: Adaptive Re-use
Courses: Urban Conditions and Architectural Critical Theory

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Research Interests

Relationship between Architectural Design and the City
Urban Residual Spaces
Architectural Design Methodology
Rural Village Regeneration


Ferretto A Taxonomy of the Real: Seoul – Architecture and Culture
Residual Landscapes: Reclaiming Hong Kong’s Lost Urban Spaces – Docomomo
Cast Space: Subverting the Spatial Paradigm – Time, Space and Body

Ferretto, P. “A Taxonomy of the Real: Seoul” (Architecture and Culture Journal, Vol. 4, 2016)

Ferretto, P. “Residual Landscapes: Reclaiming Hong Kong’s Lost Urban Spaces” (Adaptive Reuse, Docomomo 14th International Conference Proceedings, 2016).

Ferretto, P. “Here and Now Seoul – Ten Memos for Our Present Millennium” (The FAR Game- Catalogue to the Korean Pavilion at the 15th Venice Architectural Biennale)

Ferretto, P. “Collaborative Feedback on Architecture Presentations” (English across the Curriculum, International Conference at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2015)

Ferretto, P. “Cast Space: Subverting the Spatial Paradigm” (5th Interdisciplinary Time, Space, Body Conference Proceedings, Oxford University, 2015)

Ferretto, P. “Place/Seoul” (Seoul: Propaganda, 2015)

Ferretto, P. “Converging Fragments: Seoul” (Docomomo Journal, Vol.50, 2014)

Ferretto, P. “Architect’s Notes” (Seoul: G-Colon, 2014)

Ferretto, P. “Cast Space” (Seoul: Spacetime, 2014)

Ferretto, P. “Goheung Pottery Museum” (Concept Journal, Vol.182, 2014)

Ferretto, P. “Subjective / Objective Space” (Seoul: Space – Journal, No.552, 2012)

Ferretto, P. “Vertical Museum” (Seoul: Spacetime, 2012)

Ferretto, P. “The Mundane Architecture of Rooms” (Seoul: Space – Journal, No.534, 2012)

Ferretto, P. “Vertical Urbanism” (Seoul: Spacetime, 2011)

Ferretto, P. “Interpreting Fragments” (Seoul: Space – Journal, No.523, 2011)

Ferretto, P. “Seoul Paradigms” (Seoul: Space – Journal, No.515, 2009)

Research Projects

General Research Fund (GRF) by the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong
“Urban Pauses: Reclaiming Hong Kong’s Residual Urban Spaces”. (2016)

Direct Grant funded by the Chinese University of Hong Kong
“Reactivating the Social Spaces of Chinese Ethnic Minority Villages: The Hunan Dong Minority Village”. (2016)

Grant funded by the Faculty of Social Science, Chinese University of Hong Kong.
“Urban Pause: A Pilot Project into the Residual Spaces of Hong Kong”. (2015).

Grants funded by Seoul National University.
“Seoul-Time: Urban Cinematic Space of Seoul” (2012)
“Seoul-Scape: The Urban Typologies of Seoul” (2010)

Advised Theses

Chee, Thomas “The Crafts Vault: V&A Academy of Artisanal Crafts”. 2015-16

Leung, Shirley “Reclaiming the Residual – In-habitation of Lost Space”. 2015-16

Kan, Tommy “Polarized Society: Bridging The Gap // Culture And Play”. 2015-16

Honours and Recognitions

3rd Prize – Suncheon International UIA Architectural Competition (2016)

2nd Prize – Design Student Teaching Award, National Board of Architectural Accreditation, China. (2016)

3rd Prize – International Architectural Competition: Seun City Walk (2015)

3rd Prize – MTR Public Sculpture Competition, Hong Kong (2014)

2nd Prize – National Architectural Competition: Memorial Park for the Korean Martyrs (2014)

1st Prize – Goheung Pottery Museum (2012)

1st Prize – Busan Opera House International Competition (2011)

Honorary Appointments

Vice Commissioner of the Korean Pavilion, 13th Architectural Venice Biennale (2012)

Director of the Architectural Association Visiting School (2008-10)

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