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‘ZCB Bamboo Pavilion’ wins prestigious Japanese G-Mark

Date & Time

28.10.2016 03.11.2016


Grand Hyatt Tokyo and Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo, Japan

The ‘ZCB Bamboo Pavilion’ (Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong), by Prof. Kristof Crolla (PI) and  Prof. Adam Fingrut (CO-I), has been awarded the prestigious Japanese G-Mark and ‘GOOD DESIGN BEST 100’.

The Good Design Award (or G Mark System) is one of Japan’s leading design awards and consists of a comprehensive design-promotion system that picks the best design out of a variety of unfolding phenomena. It was founded in 1957 by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry and is hosted by the Japan Institute for Design Promotion. The Good Design Award is not a competition to determine the superiority or inferiority of a design. Instead, it assesses designs from the perspective of whether or not it enriches life or society – in other words, the effect and use of that design. It then shines a light on the designs that fulfil that role. The Good Design Award aims to be a mechanism that functions as a propellant in this chain reaction of creation.

After being shortlisted for the Second Screening, Prof. Kristof Crolla presented the ‘ZCB Bamboo Pavilion’ to a professional judging panel in Hong Kong. This panel not only awarded the project the G Mark, but argued for its inclusion into this year’s international list of ‘GOOD DESIGN BEST 100’ projects.

Prof. Crolla received the accolade during an Award Ceremony held at the Grand Hyatt, Tokyo. The project was additionally exhibited at the ‘GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2016’ in Tokyo Midtown, which received around 250,000 visitors in its six days of exhibit. Additionally, Prof. Crolla presented the work during the ‘GOOD DESIGN BEST100 Designer’s Presentation’ on 29 October in Tokyo Midtown.

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