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Dezeen Video on ‘ZCB Bamboo Pavilion’ surpasses 1 Million Views

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Two days following a feature on their website on November 22nd, the influential design website ‘Dezeen’ posted a video on its facebook page of the design and construction of the ‘ZCB Bamboo Pavilion’ by Prof. Kristof Crolla (Principal Investigator) and Prof. Adam Fingrut (Co-Investigator). Since that time, the video has gone viral, receiving over 1 million views in under three days and continuing to gain in popularity. 

Dezeen is a world-leading architecture, interiors and design magazine based in London and has over 2 million unique visitors every month.

ZCB Bamboo Pavilion Reaches One Million Views on Dezeen

‘ZCB Bamboo Pavilion’ Reaches One Million Views on Dezeen

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