School of Architecture, CUHK

The Evolution and Characteristic of the Polytechnic Model

Date & Time

25.11.2014 25.11.2014

11:00 - 12:00


Meeting Room, 1/F, AIT Building, CUHK


Speaker: Ms. HAN Ruyi (PhD Student)
Topic: The Evolution and Characteristic of the Polytechnic Model
Moderator: Mr. ZHANG Yiwei (PhD Student)

The vast territory and volatile political situation of modern China, provided different conditions for the reception of different educational models from the West. This has resulted in a variety of approaches in different Chinese schools of architecture. Apart from the Beaux-Arts model and the Bauhaus model, a considerable number of architecture schools followed the the “Polytechnic Model.” This model has influenced modern Chinese architectural education in terms of curriculum objectives and approaches, curriculum design, the educational background of teachers, etc. This seminar offers an overview of these aspects.56

Ms. Han Ruyi graduated in architecture from Southeast University in Nanjing in 2012 and has been involved in research ever since. Her current research focuses on different models of architectural education and their histories.

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