School of Architecture, CUHK

Research in the Humanistic Aspect of Architecture

Date & Time

03.11.2014 03.11.2014

18:30 - 19:30


Meeting Room, 1/F, AIT Building, CUHK


Speaker: Professor HO Puay-peng
Topic: Research in the Humanistic Aspect of Architecture
Moderator: Mr. YANG Xiaodong (PhD Student)

Research in the humanistic aspect of architecture started in the 1970s, following the lead of art historical research. The approach undertaken by architectural historians usually centers around studying the architectural environment within the social context. Many of the issues relating to social studies would also be relevant to architectural studies, but how? This seminar will outline and address the following questions: What are the relevant social issues to be addressed in architectural humanistic studies? What are the main objectives of architectural studies within the social context? What are the particularities of architectural research that would highlight the specificities of architecture making it unique and indispensable in an array of social research?

Prof. Ho is professor of architecture and a researcher in the area of Chinese architectural history, Buddhist art and architecture, Dunhuang studies and vernacular Chinese architecture. Prof. Ho has published widely with two books, many book chapters, journal articles and conference papers. He has obtained many research grants and consultancy for conducting research in a wide array of subject matters including Chinese architectural history, vernacular architecture and heritage conservation. Professor Ho is also active in outreach missions and heritage research in Chinese village settlements in Mainland China, and Buddhist architecture in China and Japan.

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