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Francesco Rossini: Vertical Density and Urban Regeneration

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Macau Design Center

Francesco Rossini: Vertical Density and Urban Regeneration

Lecture by Prof. Francesco Rossini

In recent years, Hong Kong has experienced frequent and rapid changes in its urban structure. As a number of buildings from the 1960s and 1970s started to age, different parts of the city have begun or are in the process of embarking on a comprehensive urban renewal strategy, in an attempt to improve the quality of the urban environment. On the other hand, according to a long-term land planning report issued by the government, Hong Kong will need one million flats to be built by 2046 to accommodate household growth and families displaced by redevelopment projects. As part of the “Relink__Revive” symposium, this lecture will provide an overview of the relationship between housing needs and urban regeneration in Hong Kong, through exploring changes in the urban structure of the city’s older areas.

About “Relink__Revive”
Organised by the Institute of European Studies of Macau, Department of Architecture of the University of Saint Joseph, Politecnico di Milano and Albergue SCM, the “Relink__Revive” symposium gathers a group of leading designers and scholars to discuss innovative ideas for revitalising historical neighbourhoods, with a focus on the Mong Há district of Macau.


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