School of Architecture, CUHK

Patrick Hwang: Architecture Synthesis – Window and Mirror

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Tallinn University of Applied Sciences

Lecture by Prof. Patrick Hwang

Under the premise of looking out and mirroring one’s inner self, this lecture discusses the means and end to the path of education in preparation for the evolving world, specifically in the field of architecture.

In the age of de-territorialized architecture practice, the end is not about producing students with knowledge catered to a particular industry or locality. Instead, it is for them to develop architectural intelligence and skills that are mobile and fluid so they can contribute and manoeuvre reflectively according to the situations. Therefore, the lecture argues that architecture education must create the conditions that enable this potential, offering a pedagogical framework that addresses the challenge of an evolving practice. Four keywords are selected to reflect the notion of “mirror and window”: Position, Transmutation, Communication and De-territorialization, examined through design challenges encountered by the students at the School of Architecture, the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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